Taking the Trade
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Site Credits

The current Taking the Trade website was created and designed in 2007-2008 by Cornelia Dayton and Jessica Linker. It formerly had its home-base on the University of Connecticutís History Department serverófor which we thank the department head, Prof. Shirley Roe. In 2014 it migrated to its own server.

A pilot version of the website was created in 2001 by Prof. Woody Holton of the University of Richmond, with expert IT help from Sue McInnis and using Cornelia Daytonís transcripts of the court documents. We take our hats off to Prof. Holton for nudging an educational website into existence, and waiting patiently for the new version!

We acknowledge and thank many colleagues for their ideas and support, including Patrick Blythe, James Shilts Boster, Robert A. Gross and the members of his Fall 2008 Hist5103 class, and UConn undergraduate Sarah Sullinger.

For those wishing to cite this website, please note that we include the creation and most recent modification dates at the bottom of each page. Bibliography citations should follow these formats:

MLA: Dayton, Cornelia H., and Jessica Linker. Taking the Trade. Date Published. Date Accessed <http://takingthetrade.org/[subpage.php]>.

Chicago: Dayton, Cornelia H., and Jessica Linker. Taking the Trade. http://takingthetrade.org/[subpage.php] (Date Accessed).

Page Created: December 30, 2008
Last Modified: November 11, 2014

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